Ricarda Vidal - Visual Culture

Book Chapters

  • ‘Atlantropa: a Dam across the Mediterranean as a Solution to War and Crisis’ in Ilse Fischer & Johannes Hahn (eds.) Rethinking Europe IV:  The Enlargement of the European Union from the Perspective of the Coasts – The Other Side(s) of the Sea. Salzburg: Anton Pustet, 2016.
  • “The Power of Negative Creation – Why Art by Serial Killers Sells.” in Maria-José Blanco, Ricarda Vidal (eds). The Power of Death: Contemporary Reflections on Death in Western Society. London, New York: Berghahn,  2014 (pb 2017).
  • “Atlantropa – One of the Missed Opportunities of the Future” in Ricarda Vidal, Ingo Cornils (eds). Alternative Worlds. Oxford: Peter Lang, autumn 2014.
  • “Alternative Mediterraneans six million years ago – a model for the future?”, co-authored with the Earth-scientist Daniel García-Castellanos, in Ricarda Vidal, Ingo Cornils (eds). Alternative Worlds. Oxford: Peter Lang,  2014
  • “Can Developers Learn from Art? Janet Cardiff in Spitalfields” in  Naomi Segal and Daniela Koleva (eds) Remembering and Forgetting, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2014.
  • “Sant’Elia on the Thames: London’s Docklands as Futurist Developments” in Futurismo: Impact and Legacy. Ed. Giuseppe Gazzola, Mario Mignone. Forum Italicum, Stony Brook University, 2011, pp. 176-186.
  • A Journey for Body and Mind? – The Urban Dreams of Modernism in Matthias Müller’s short film Vacancy and in 21st-Century Car Commercials”. Richard Koeck, Les Roberts (eds.) City in Film. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2008, pp. 251-257.
  • “Witnessing the Roadkill: Police Photographs of Car Crashes in Art.” Ulrik Ekman, Frederik Tygstrup (eds). Witness: Memory, Representation, and the Media in Question. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2008, pp. 206–213.


Articles in Refereed Journals

  • “Quiet Crash Sites: Antun Maračić’s Cro Car Crash Chronicle, after War/hol and Usput spomenici/ Sideroad Monuments and Aernout Mik’s Refraction.” Altre Modernità No 4, October 2010, peer-reviewed online journal, University of Milan: http://riviste.unimi.it/index.php/AMonline/article/view/705 pp. 257-267.
  • “Painting Murderers – The Morbid Attraction of Serial Killers and their Art” Desipientia 17:1, April 2010, pp.12–15.
  • Caspar David Friedrich through a Broken Windscreen: Arnold Odermatt’s Peaceful Crash Scenes”, Static. Vol 7 (Catastrophe), 2008, peer-reviewed online journal. http://static.londonconsortium.com/issue07/static07_vidal.php
  • “Man’s Creation of Man: From de Sade and Mary Shelley to F.T. Marinetti.” Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism. Vol. 13, 2005, pp. 27– 46; peer-reviewed print journal with online edition.

currently under consideration with the Journal for Visual Communication:

  • “Homographonic Translation and the Boundaries of Communication beyond Words”

Articles for Newspapers and Websites

Articles for Catalogues, Arts Publications

  • “Google Earth to Berlin Tegel” in Julie Westerman, Jaspar Joseph Lester, Susanne Prince (eds). Tegel:  Speculations and Propositions. The Greenbox,  2013.
  • “Song Lines on a Hackney Brick Wall” introduction to Lucy Harrison, Light Up Your Street. Arts Council and Olympic Development Agency, Rendezvous Press, 2011.