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In 1998 I translated a book on homeopathic dentistry from German into English. I was still at university at the time and loved working so closely with a text on a subject so different  from my study, i.e. English and German literature. Since then I have translated texts within a variety of subject areas, from Yoga via web marketing to art history. However, the bulk of my commissions fall squarely within my area of expertise: literary and visual studies, cultural studies and history.


Recent translations from German into English and from English into German:

  • al-Semmari, Fahd Abdullah (ed.) A History of the Arabian Peninsula. London: IB Tauris, 2009 – translated into German, published in 2015.
  • private correspondence between members of a family  of German Jews from 1937-1939, translation from German into English, 2013-2015
  • various academic papers and articles in the field of art history from German into English


Quotes from Clients:

Ricarda’s English–German translation of A History of the Arabian Peninsula was a model – informed, sensitive, consistent and quickly done. Her translation services are highly recommended. 
— Elizabeth Stone, Managing Director, Bourchier Ltd


Ricarda translated the Friedel Jaffé Archive (1937-39)  of letters, certificates and other documents from German into English. These include typed and handwritten material which Ricarda has translated into perfect English.  The archive was in chronological order and ran to about 200 pages. Although personal they do cover a very dark period of history and at all times Ricarda dealt with this sensitively whilst being focussed on the content. I can trust Ricarda with the material and everything in it – known and unknown. Her approach is to place the translation within its cultural and linguistic contexts and to make additional comments where necessary.  This was invaluable in getting greater understanding of the material. In addition, Ricarda too became fascinated by what she was translating, which has given me new perspectives on it and how to use it.
Deborah Jaffé


Intersemiotic Translation:

For my research into intersemiotic translation please see Translation Games