Ricarda Vidal - Visual Culture

Papers at Conferences



  • “Bridging the Mediterranean – A Vision for World Peace”, invited speaker at ‘Rethinking Europe IV. The other side(s) of sea’, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 9th-11th October 2015.


  • “Translation Games – foreign languages, artistic creation and social impact”, at “Insights and Tools for Managing Arts Projects with Social Impact” at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia, 6-7 July 2015.


  • “Action-Cam Cycling in the City”, invited speaker at “Vertigo in the City” Symposium, University of Westminster, 29-30 May 2015.


  • “Translation, Ekphrasis, Poiesis: Comments on Translation Games and Intermedial Time”,  joint paper delivered with Erica Carter at “The Longing for Time: Ästhetische Eigenzeit in Contemporary Film, Literature and Art”, University of Konstanz, Germany, 15-17 May 2014.


  • “Building Tunnels, Linking Continents, Building Peace” at “Memories of the Future”, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts, London, 2-3 May 2014



  • “Thamesmead – Brutalism and Cinematic Architecture” at “The City: Culture, Society, Technology”, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 5-6 May 2011.


  • “The Morbid Attraction of Serial Killer Art” at “Carnival of Death: Perceptions of Death in Europe and the Americas”, IGRS, University of London, 24-26 February 2011


  • “Clockwork Thamesmead: The Celluloid Lives of a Concrete Utopia” at “Atmosphere 2011: Mediated Cities” – Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 3-5 February 2011.


  • “Traffic Jam Societies of the 1960s – Jean-Luc Godard’s Week-end and Julio Cortázar’s ‘La autopista del sur’” at “Blocked Arteries”, Institute of Historical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 25-26 November 2010.


  • “Cold War Street Scenes: Bruno Kleberg and Walter Marten’s ‘Geschichte einer Straße’ (1954) and Charles and Ray Eames’s ‘Glimpses of the USA’ (1959)” at “Cold War Cities”, IGRS, London, 25 September 2010.


  • “Visualising London Docklands – Filmmaking as a research method” at “Visual Culture & Global Practices”, 45th Annual Comparative Literature Conference, California State University, Long Beach 4-6 March 2010.


  • “Cultural Memory and Urban Regeneration” at “Remembering and Forgetting” ESF workshop, 14-16/11/2009.


  • “Sant’Elia on the Thames: London’s Docklands as Futurist Developments” at “Futurismo: Impact and Legacy“, Center for Italian Studies, Stony Brook University with Florence University of the Arts, Florence, Italy, 16-17 October 2009.


  • “On Behalf of London’s Ghosts: Artistic Practice as a Countermovement to Gentrification“ at “Metropolitan Desires”, Manchester Metropolitan University, 8-9 September 2009.


  • “Americanising Marinetti – Automobile Fantasies and Romantic Futurisms in 1950s America” at “Back to the Futurists: Avant-gardes 1909-2009“, Queen Mary University of London, 2-4 July 2009.


  • “Tarantino‘s 21st-Century Women Drivers: Futurism’s unlikely Successors” at “Let’s Murder the Moonshine – 100 Years of Futurism”, Goldsmiths University of London, 19-20 February 2009.


  • A Journey for Body and Mind? – The Urban Dreams of Modernism in Matthias Müller’s short film Vacancy and in 21st-Century Car Commercials” at “City in Film: Liverpool’s Urban Landscape and the Moving Image”, School of Architecture and School of Politics & Communication Studies, Liverpool, 26-28 March 2008.


  • “Tailbacks that Stir my Soul – the Traffic Jam as Point of Departure in Julio Cortázar’s ‘La autopista del sur’” at “On the Trail / Viajeros y Literatura de Viajes: tras sus huellas”, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 19-21 September 2007.


  • “Crash! The Birth of the Animal-Machine: Reading Ballard through Bataille.” at “From Shanghai to Shepperton: An International Conference on J.G. Ballard”, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 5-6 May 2007.


  • “Chaos with System in a Two-Dimensional Universe: Fordism as a Practical Realization of Futurism.” at “Mobility/Stasis/Modernity in the Space Between, 1914-1945”, Bucknell University, Lewisburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 8-10 June 2006.


  • “Hooray! The Futurists Race Towards Heaven” at “Heaven and Earth”, Tate Modern, London, 27-29 January 2005.


  • “Man’s Creation of Man: From de Sade and Mary Shelley to F.T. Marinetti” at “Romantic Border Crossings”, 11th Annual International Conference on Romanticism, A&M International University, Laredo, Texas, USA, 14-17 October 2004.


  • “Witnessing the Roadkill: Police Photographs of Car Crashes in Art” at “Witness: Memory, Representation, and the Media in Question”, Copenhagen, 23-27 August 2004.


  • “Explosions and Screams: Artistic Creation Beyond the Skin: Francis Bacon’s Exploding Bodies and Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid.” at “Mutation and Mutability: Encounters with Change”, 2nd Annual University College London Postrgraduate Conference, Institute of English Studies, University of London, 4 March 2004.


  • “Spying on Riverbeds and Hotelrooms – Mark Dion and Sophie Calle” at “Object(i)Object”, Tate Modern and Britain, London, 4-6 July 2003.