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Translation Games



Visitors at the first exhibition of Translation Games, 2013

Visitors at the first exhibition of Translation Games, 2013

Translation Games explores the theory and practice of translation within literature (i.e. between languages), the fine arts (i.e. between art genres), and textile design as well as across these disciplines. Modelled on the game of Chinese Whispers, where a message is passed from person to person and goes through various stages of transformation, the Games see a commissioned source text translated through a series of languages, art genres, and textile designs. Based on collaboration and knowledge exchange between literary translators, artists, designers, and academics, the project comprises a programme of workshops and symposia, as well as a series of public exhibitions, performances and publications.

I founded Translation Games together with a colleague in May 2013 and have been collaborating with a variety of artists, translators and academics since then. We have played Translation Games at many different venues with various rules, players and outcomes.

Visit the project website to see the results: www.translationgames.net