Ricarda Vidal - Visual Culture

GHost 2008 – 2011


The flyer for the first GHost exhibition in 2008

The flyer for the first GHost exhibition in 2008

GHost is a visual arts and creative research project, which explores the conceit of guests, hosts and ghosts, both metaphorically and practically, in its activities. Functioning in its capacity as a supporting platform (or host) GHost aims to enable invited guests (artists, academics, independent researchers, performers, etc) to visually and conceptually manifest and interrogate the idea of the ghost.

I started up the GHost project in collaboration with artist and curator Sarah Sparkes in  2008 and left the project in September 2011. During my time with GHost we held three exhibitions and screenings of moving image art and performance at St John on Bethnal Green, a film screening at the London Art Fair 2010, five workshops and one performance event, so-called ‘Hostings’ at Senate House, University of London (funded by the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies). We also undertook a three month curatorial residency in Folkestone as part of the 2011 Triennial Fringe ‘Vernacular Folk’ project.


GHost continues to thrive under Sarah’s leadership. Information about old events and news about current and future activities can be found on host-a-ghost.blogspot.co.uk


In January 2011 we made a little video with information about Ghost, which you can watch here: